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Since 1898
In the late 19th century Europen immigrants traveled to the United States to seek a better life. From the fading photographs - their last links to the families they left behind - a fellow immigrant, Charles J. Fox, painted likenessess in oil to preserve the memory of their loved ones. As his work became well known, commissions increased to include renderings of prominent governmental, corporate, and academic leaders. His son and grandson followed in his footsteps, preserving this heritage.

The studio of CJFox continues to represent a stylistic tradition and quality standards in bringing leading Americans to life on canvas. Today the CJFox signature remains preeminent setting the standard for oil portraits that adorn American landmarks from the U.S. Supreme Court, state capitols, and "First Family" homes, Cabinet offices, state capitols to museum walls, corporate boardrooms, and the hallowed halls of universities across the country. This has been independent of who headed the studio in the manner of Tiffany and Disney.

In 1990, James Fox, grandson of C. J. Fox and owner of the studio, took on classically trained artist, David Luchak augmenting his skill with the ability to paint portraits from photographs in the CJ Fox tradition. Since then they have worked together in close collaboration in the creation of each portrait. They continue to carry this forward to this day with strict attention to the high standards the has made CJ Fox Portraits sought out by those in search of a classic oil portrait.

Our Commitment
Created from photographs supplied by the client, a CJFox oil portrait captures the likeness and spirit of the subject without the inconvenience of live sittings, and allows for the possibility of a surprise presentation. Portrait size and detail influence the cost of the painting. To satisfy the requirements of each client, prices are submitted on an individual basis. A preliminary sketch, the beginning of the portrait, illustrates the subject's face and hands and is presented to the client for comment before proceeding to the finished portrait.Completed portraits are subject to client approval, and are without obligation unless that approval is granted.
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